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Here’s what you’ll experience with LevelUp Home Pros

Easy Onboarding Plan

We’ll give you the training and simple tools you need to join our network and quickly start doing jobs that make you money.

Radical Support

Our team and network of your peers will give everything to your success! You’re in business for yourself, but you’ll no longer be alone!

A Thriving Business Model

Tap into a steady flow of pre-sold residential projects to grow your business and customer base.

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“Managing the Emotional Homeowner”

Learn what homeowners need during construction so that they’re eager to refer work to you afterwards.

Learn why homeowners get upset.

Understand how to handle upset homeowners.

Adopt job procedures that make working with homeowners fun again.

How to join our pro-installer network

Discovery Call

“Click “Join Our Pro-Installer Network” to set up a call and see if LevelUp Home Pros is the right opportunity for you.

We’ll train you then add you to our network in your area.

Start doing profitable jobs and capitalize on the growing big box and online market.


Who is LevelUp Home Pros ?

LevelUp Home Pros exists to bring Pro-Installers together so that the best people are leading the way big box and online retailers deliver installation services; not watching it happen.


Our pro-installers are good people! Salt of the earth — They are as likely to invite you into their home as they are their own family. Their desire to serve others goes far beyond working together — It’s who they are! That’s what makes them a good fit for LevelUp Home Pros.


Our pro-installers care deeply about relationships, value consistency and quality is their top priority.


We laugh together, share our burdens together and genuinely care for one another.


Our success hinges on finding the right pro-installers, so we’re dedicated to finding the ideal people to work with – those who value relationships, value rigor and discipline, value excellence, and happen to be nice, genuine people. This means we turn down a lot of potential installers – we say no to the wrong fit so we can say yes to the right fit. That’s how we’re able to come in each day with smiles on our faces.


Our purpose is to inspire and empower salt of the earth, hardworking tradesmen to think bigger and work smarter…to get off their “hamster wheel” and on a path to build something with lasting value; Something they will be proud of. In the process they become better people and better installers.


Our vision is to be THE Pro-Installer network of choice for national retailers.


Whether you’re a business guy with grand plans or a tradesman looking for an opportunity to focus on doing what you love – the work – we have a path that may fit you. There’s only one way to find out… let’s talk.